SMART GROWTH: Jobs & Our Environment

SMART GROWTH: Jobs & the Environment

I worked for decades helping communities to provide themselves with clean, green, and efficient energy. I’ve lived in Braddock District for 18 years and understand the challenges a growing county faces. I’m an engineer and a problem-solver: from small businesses, to new families, to public safety, a clean environment and a strong public infrastructure benefit us all.

  • INFRASTRUCTURE FOR THE FUTURE: Fairfax is growing, and there will be new needs as our community expands. We are lucky enough to have access to both Metro and Commuter Rail as well as to major highways. Our roads are critical, and as a former public school bus driver, I understand it’s not just commuters and police to whom potholes and crumbling roads matter. Public safety starts with infrastructure, and as Supervisor I’ll work hard to build for our future. I’ve commuted for a decade on the VRE Rail system, and I will fight for new parking and station upgrades, including the stations in Braddock District.
  • OUR ENVIRONMENT: Our county, and Braddock District in particular, is full of green spaces for both our daily use and the overall benefit to the regional ecosystem. Having worked in federal energy policy and as a driver of an electric car, I understand the environmental challenges and possibilities we face in this century. I support a strong tax base and policies designed to create opportunities—rather than policies that regulate and stifle innovation. A cleaner Braddock community is one of which our children will be proud.
  • SMALL BUSINESS INVESTMENT: Small business is the engine of our economy. As a small-business owner myself, I will work to expand access to county resources for new businesses. Fairfax County is home to both Fortune 500 companies and new start-ups, and this diversity is essential to a dynamic business environment. By investing in educational STEM programs and by incorporating technology in our economy, we’ll build—together—a diversified tax base for future generations.
  • LOWER PROPERTY TAXES: We need to maintain the vibrant and diverse community that makes Fairfax County a great place to live. High property taxes can drive new families and businesses away, making it harder to support our educators and public safety workers. Smart growth means developing a strong tax base; providing incentives for technology, real estate, and government contractors is critical in drawing them to our area. Braddock District is the green heart of Fairfax County, and it’s our leaders’ responsibility to make it a sustainably economical place in which to live.

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