ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY: Keep Jobs in Fairfax and Protect Green Space 

Increasing Economic Opportunity: Keep Jobs in Fairfax and Protect Green Space 

I worked for decades helping communities to provide themselves with clean, green, and efficient energy. I’ve lived in Braddock District for 18 years and understand the challenges a growing county faces. I’m an engineer and a problem-solver: from small businesses, to new families, to public safety, a clean environment and a strong public infrastructure benefit us all.

Establish Business-Friendly Policies: As a new business owner and an engineer for multi-million dollar projects, I recognize that we need to make our government more efficient. We need to make it easier and more desirable for small business owners to start businesses here and for large companies to relocate here.

My proposals include: 

1) Cut red tape to ease business start-ups and make day-to-day county processes less cumbersome. 
2) Hold the line on taxes for businesses and families so workers can afford to live here.
3) Establish a commission to review government regulations and increase efficiencies to make sure we are offering the best customer service to residents and business owners. 
4) Expand workforce development programs, STEM opportunities and business partnerships so students of all academic abilities have access to good-paying jobs.   
Protect Our Green SpaceI believe protecting our environment can increase economic opportunity and keep our county clean and beautiful for generations to come. Environmental protection starts at home for me: As an independent engineer, I participated in one of the largest solar energy projects in the US—and I drive an electric car. 
I believe we must: 
1) Focus on Sensible Development by concentrating development where transportation infrastructure and utilities can properly support it.
2) Expand Green Space by working with developers to include green space in development wherever possible, evaluating and modernizing park amenities, and implementing effective long-term solutions for Lake Accotink.  
3) Encourage tourism by expanding protection and interpretation of our historic sites.  
4) Evaluate and improve our recycling program.  

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