EDUCATION: Keeping Fairfax A Leader

EDUCATION: More Pathways to Student Success 

Here in Fairfax, we boast one of the nation's best public education systems. I’m proud to have grandchildren currently in the public school system, and my wife has been a substitute teacher and a long-time elementary school volunteer here in the Braddock district. 

  • Support our Teachers: Fairfax County teachers have done an outstanding job preparing students for college and providing fulfilling education for special-needs and special-programs students. I respect the hard work these teachers do every day, and our county needs to express its appreciation with a commitment to competitive pay. We can’t afford to lose teachers to neighboring regions, and an investment in educators is an investment in Fairfax.
  • Better Access to Career Technical Training (CTE): Our public schools can excel not only for college-bound students but also for those interested in technical training. There are high-paying jobs available for skilled high-school graduates with the right training. As a community, we can develop programs that readily incorporate technical training for older students while also developing mentorship and apprenticeship programs.
  • Mental Health Safety: Bullying, self-destructive behavior, and even suicides are too common in today’s schools. As Supervisor, I will work with the Board of Education to develop opportunities for teachers—and parents—to build a safer, healthier social environment for our children. I’m invested in this: All of our children and grandchildren deserve a nurturing and stimulating environment in which to grow intellectually and socially.

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