COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Justice and a Voice for All

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Justice and a Voice for All

With Fairfax County’s population slated to grow by tens of thousands in the next few decades, our county needs to be a welcoming, safe, and fair place to live and work. Local government is most effective when, nimbly and responsively, it listens to its citizens and their needs. 

  • EXPAND DIVERSION FIRST PROGRAM: I pledge to continue and build on Supervisor John Cook’s Diversion First incarceration alternative program. Mental illness and addiction are not crimes. It is both our moral and fiscal duty to NOT simply put people in jail for experiencing a crisis to which law enforcement responds. I propose expansion of mobile crisis response units and will strive for more effective handling, on the part of our judiciary, of mental illness cases.
  • END HUMAN TRAFFICKING & SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF OUR CHILDREN: This is not a problem for some other big city or far-away place. In fact, the FBI lists teen sex trafficking as the second-fastest growing crime in the country with Northern Virginia being one of the top hot spots for this vile enterprise. Gangs like MS-13 are very involved because this heinous crime is so profitable--so much so that, soon, sex trafficking might eclipse their illicit drug traffic trade.  I pledge to work with anti-trafficking organizations and local law enforcement to strive to end this scourge in our schools and our community.

  • PROMOTING HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL: Racism, prejudice, and religious intolerance have no place in our community.  The presence of Anti-Semitism across our county and the recent vandalism of one of our local synagogues demonstrate that our community is not immune from the influence of hate and division. I believe that ALL people are created in the image of God and deserve to be treated with fairness and respect. I pledge to work with community and religious groups and to do all I can to make Fairfax County a welcoming place for all people.

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